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Imran K., Esq., passed the July 2017 Cal Bar Exam

I highly recommend Steve Harris’ program for California Bar Examination repeaters. His books WINNIN’ TIME! and The Trigger List are absolute must-haves for anyone who wants to pass this thing. There’s a lot of great things I could write about Steve’s wonderful program, but I’ll focus on some of the best things.

Anna M., Esq.

I passed the July 2014 California Bar Examination with Steven's perspicacious one-on-one tutelage and relentless encouragement. When I hired Steven as my tutor I was 100 points away from passing the Bar Examination.  Steven's three-month long, one-on-one tutoring program was unquestionably intrinsic to my success on the exam.

Mathew Jackson, Esq.

Steven Harris was the all-around best!  I had been told by many instructors that there were no effective techniques to approaching the PT - Steven proved them wrong!  When it came to the essays, Steven's "Winnin' Time" and "The Trigger List" left me with a true confidence that I could identify and respond to any issue thrown my way.  Steven even helped me identify common patterns in the MBE questions!

Rachel Koch, Esq.

It was my second time taking the bar and I had been a world away from any type of studying activities whatsoever.  Failing the first time was quite the humbling experience.  I knew I had to take it again and I knew I had to find someone who knew how to help me reach my goals.

Neal Jagtap, Esq.

I found Steven Harris' tutoring program and the WINNIN' TIME! study aid to be perfect for passing the California Bar Exam while minimizing the time required to study.  I had recently unsuccessfully tried to pass the exam and had no time off from work to study for my second try.  I also had a young family with little time to spare.  The study aid was succinct and perfect for helping me remember exactly what I needed to know, and the one-on-one attention helped me fine-tune my exam writing skills, both for the essays and for the performance tests.  By the time I took the bar exam I was

Brianna Penna, Esq.

I highly recommend Steven Harris’ program if you are taking the CA bar exam, particularly as a repeat taker.  I enrolled in Steven’s tutoring program, which included his innovative individual study plan, copies of his books, and instruction in completing both his Essay Review week, and Memory Work.  I struggled with information overload with the my bar prep program for the November exam, and found that the final crucial weeks leading to the exam were essentially left unguided.

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