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performance test

Denise P., Esq

I found that attending Steven Harris's Performance Test class and applying the specific techniques from his Guide to Performance Tests on the California Bar Exam were both essential to passing the California Bar Exam.  During the exam I was able to complete both performance tests to my satisfaction, spell check them, and still had time to spare on both. I never could have done that prior to taking Steven's PT class and applying the techniques in his Guide. -- Denise P., Esq., passed the July 2014 Cal Bar Exam

Calweasel Performance Test Class


Need to generate some points on Performance Tests?   The Calweasel Performance Test Class will help you generate points on PTs, learn how to spot issues on essays, and learn how to memorize for the exam.  The class is available for ALL students, regardless of location.  The class is held live in San Francisco, and via audiofile with attachments for students located elsewhere.  Students took the course from LA, Reno, and upstate New York! 

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