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PT class

Kastle Lund-Turner, Esq. - Took the PT Class with only 13 days to go and PASSED July 2015!

A month before the California Bar, I was still unable to complete a Performance Test. I knew I could not pass without mastering the PT, so I turned to Professor Harris for help on July 15, which was four days after his PT Class ended.   After I registered for the course, he sent me the lectures within a half-hour.  Within a week, his technique and words of wisdom put me on the path to success.  I passed!  -- Kastle Lund-Turner, Esq., passed the July 2015 California Bar Examination

Eric Law, Esq - computer glitches couldn't stop him!

Steven -- Excellent!  I passed!  Thanks for your help!  I passed in spite of the computer problems I and dozens of other people had on the first Tuesday PT.  You may use the effusive email I sent you February 7 as an endorsement.  –Eric

From: Eric Law
To: steven harris
Sent: Friday, February 7, 2014 12:56 PM
Subject: RE: Question about Third PT

Performance Test Class starts Saturday!


Steven Harris' 19th season of teaching his Performance Test class starts Saturday, June 8. The class is available live at UC Hastings in San Francisco, and available online via audiofile and attachments.

Four sessions: June 8, June 22, July 6, and July 13. Students will learn a specific, simple method to take PTs, and will be able to turn in four PTs for grading.

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PT Class - it's not too late! YOU CAN DO IT!

Hello everyone and welcome to mid-January!
How's studying going? Consider taking a day off this weekend if you're finding yourself burning out a little. This is a typical place for students needing to take a step back for a day.
How's your PT studying going? Started yet? Are you unhappy the current instruction and/or feedback you've been getting?
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Sam Crary, Esq.

I passed on the first try and I can't thank Steven enough for the advice and tutoring (via the audio lectures) on the PT.  Even though I only found out about Steven's PT course 14 days before the exam, I was able to listen to the lectures, squeeze in the practice PTs, and implement his memorization strategy, all at the last minute. It gave me a streamlined approach that helped me learn how to focus on what counts and not get bogged down on the stuff that doesn't matter. It saved me time, and I went from struggling to finish PT's to having enough time to at least hit every major issue.

Paul Lovrich, Esq.

I passed the July 2012 exam. I attribute my success directly to your method, WINNIN' TIME! book, and your PT method.  My problem was not failing to spot issues, but more what to say and how to say it on exam and when to cluster issues.  In your lectures, you mentioned I should have some level of trust in you and your method and follow it to the letter.  I am glad I did trust you and here I am swearing in in Oakland in two weeks.
Thanks again and have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Ray Wood, Esq.

Thank you for doing what you do.
How is it that a 51 year-old online correspondence law graduate, living on the East Coast, working full time with a family has passed the July 2012 California Bar Exam? I can tell you it is by putting in the hard work and study time. More importantly, by working smart.

Bonnie Bates, Esq.

Steven's Performance Test class is essential for anyone struggling with the Performance Test. After several attempts at taking the
California bar, I was becoming discouraged because my Performance Test scores were consistently flat, hindering my ability to pass.

Performance Test Class starts June 2!


I will be teaching my 17th season of my Performance Test class this summer and it all kicks off Saturday, June 2, at Hastings.

Four Saturdays:  6/2, 6/9, 6/23, and 7/7, UC Hastings, 9 am - 4 pm.  Live class and online course available.

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