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Robin Courtney, Esq., passed the July 2017 California Bar Examination

Steven’s one-on-one tutoring was the essential element which enabled me to clear the hurdle of passing the July 2017 California Bar Exam.  Specifically, Steven’s technique of issue spotting by reviewing 100’s of sample bar exam hypotheticals and using his “Trigger Method” reduced my fear of issue spotting on the essay section of the exam and gave me the confidence I needed to pass.  I highly recommend hiring Steven as a tutor.  His approach is comprehensive and will significantly increase your chances of passing the exam.

Putting it all together!

All of this is cute, but how do I pull it all together? You need time to master the issue-spotting process and to memorize the material. I have plans to help you do just that. Your job is not to think. I've done it for you! The Essay Review Week will convert hard-to-spot issues into grapefruits so that you can't help but find them! And the Memory Work has worked for every stripe of student imaginable: young and old, first timer and repeater, traditionally-timed student and learning disabled applicant.

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