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Alex Eagle, Esq.

After dealing with the agony of hiring several other bum tutors, I finally found Steven. He delivered for me on every level and I know that had I found him earlier I would have passed the first time. -- Alex Eagle, Esq., passed the February 2011 Cal Bar Exam
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Justin Zahrt, Esq.

The first time I met with Steven, I explained to him that I was a husband and father of three young children.  We discussed my schedule and Steven created a realistic and very complete study schedule, that took into account my own personal strengths and weaknesses.  I must say, going into that first meeting I had no idea what my strengths and weakness even were, but Steven zeroed in on them incredibly quickly.  After that first meeting, I knew that Steven had the keys to passing the Bar Exam.  All I had to do was learn what Steven had to teach, and follow his methods as if they were the onl

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