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July 2015

Brooks Allen, Esq.

There are many bar prep programs and tutors out there that will give you a schedule and a bunch of material to study to prep you for the exam. Steve Harris aims to get you inside the mind of the grader and break down the inside baseball of what the examiners actually want you to give them so you can see past the tricks, avoid frequent pitfalls, pass the exam, and get on with your career.

Katherine Teo-Gillette, Esq.

I passed on my second attempt thanks to Steven Harris’s program.  I am a foreign attorney dually qualified in England and Singapore and Steven's methods helped me focus on exactly what I needed to do to pass the California Bar Examination.  I also worked full-time up until 2 weeks before the exam.

California Bar Examination Results - July 2015 - 46.6% overall


From the Cal Bar's press release:

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20, 2015 6 p.m. – The State Bar of California's Committee of Bar Examiners reported today that 46.6 percent of the applicants passed the July 2015 General Bar Examination (GBX). If the 3,882 people who passed the July 2015 exam satisfy other requirements for admission, they will become members of the State Bar.

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