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"I highly recommend Steven for anyone who 'learns by
doing,' thrives on personalized feedback, and doesn’t learn
well in large group environments. I suffered through
lectures, and spent countless hours making mountains of
flash cards, but I was ill-prepared for the July exam; as a
result, I passed one performance test—and nothing else.

The second time around was much different: I was able to
work part time and study fewer hours, but I studied much
more effectively. During the exam, I knew how to spot and
approach all the major issues (yes, there are a limited
number of issues they can test). The boilerplates were
especially effective because they allowed me to switch to
auto-pilot when I saw certain issues arise -- personal
jurisdiction and evidence objections, for example. I also
liked WINNIN’ TIME! because it was manageable, as
opposed to the tons of books I used previously.
Realistically, there’s only so much one person can retain,
and Steven recognizes this. The rules are short, to the
point, and easy to memorize.

I truly don’t believe I could’ve passed without Steven’s
academic and emotional support. He never made me feel
stupid for asking questions, I looked forward to meeting
with him each week, and during the exam I actually pictured
him at one point cheering from the aisle. I never felt alone
or lost, like with my prior course. My only regret is that I
didn’t go the tutor route the first time around. I hope no
student has to struggle through flashcard hell like I did last
summer. Make your first time a Winnin’ Time!" - Katherine,
UC Hastings alumnae, passed February 2009

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