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MBE (multiple choice) takers: how well should I be doing right now?

So, uh, how's that PMBR 6-day class going, first-timers?  Are you averaging 30% correct thus far and wondering how you ever got through law school?  Graduation doesn't seem too helpful now, does it?

Fear not, bar takers.  It's NORMAL.  During the 6-day PMBR class or 6-day Bar/Bri MBE class, averaging 30-40% is NORMAL.  Happens all the time.  Some good benchmarks to consider:

6-day PMBR or Bar/Bri class:  30-40% correct on the MBE

Bar/Bri simulated exam (usually in late June, sometimes in July):  52-53% RAW SCORE.

Bar Exam:  63-65%.

So don't panic, first-timers!  You'll be OK.  Just hang in there and remember that you haven't thought about torts, contracts, et al., in three years!

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