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The Trigger List

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You've missed issues in law school. Or on the Bar Exam. The #1 reason first-timers and repeaters fail the Bar Exam is that they miss issues on the essays. Worse yet, first-timers and repeaters don't know that they've missed issues until 3-4 months AFTER the exam! And even worse than that, have you ever asked your law school prof about how to improve your ability to issue spot? A bar course prof? What were you told? Tell me if this sounds familiar: just look at enough essays and you'll be fine!

Yeah, OK. I have my book open. I'm looking! I don't know what I'm looking for. But I'm looking!

The prof or the bar course isn't being mean-spirited. Their advice, however, is too broad.

FINALLY, a solution! The Trigger List is truly one of a kind. The only comprehensive attack plan to identify triggers: a word or phrase that fairly and legitimately implicates issues on the California Bar Examination. It takes seven days, and you cheat all week. It will fundamentally change how you think about your upcoming exam. Also helps law students who are struggling to identify issues on their exams!

BUT WAIT... there's no time! I can't make time to do this and do my course!

FEAR NOT. I invented this method while I was studying for the Bar Exam. It can be done. Especially nowadays for any student taking a Bar course. You control your own schedule by being able to watch the lectures online. You can create 7 days to get this done. Can you afford not to? Issue spotting is the #1 reason applicants fail Bar Exams. Wanna fix it? Now? Then let's get started!

First-timers and repeaters have passed using the methods provided in The Trigger List. Top of the class and bottom. ABA school and CA- accredited school. From 3L’s to law firm partners taking the exam for the first time in over 20 years. Students with and without learning disabilities. Now it’s your turn. Because soon enough your date with bar exam destiny will be at hand. It’s your time. The Trigger List can set you free!

Cheat. For a week. Generate points and pass!

Click here for an excerpt from The Trigger List.

"The Essay Review Week was revolutionary. It conditioned me to be like Pavlov's dog -- spotting issues and generating points became a reflex action."
– Kerianne Steele, Esq.

“This book provides a succinct, simple, point-maximizing format for identifying essays, and it was crucial in my success on the California bar exam."
-- Ryan Waggoner, Esq.

“The one true road map to effortless success on the Bar exam! Follow this path and generate all the points you will need.”
--Chandra Nelson- Robak, Esq.

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