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Cal Bar Exam pass rate INCREASES! Why? Read on...

Hello everyone!

Great news tonight for more Cal Bar Exam applicants this year.  49.6% passed July 2017, which is a 6% increase year over year from July 2016.


One indicator, surprisingly enough from a nationwide perspective, was a nationwide (and California) INCREASED score on the MBE.

From July 2013-2016, MBE scaled scores have been trending DOWN significantly.


July 2013  1459

July 2014  1435

July 2015  1424

July 2016  1421

That's a 38-point decline over a four-year period.... which translates to over 10 raw questions!  That's a huge deal!

BUT... what about July 2017?

Drumroll please... 1432.  An 11-point INCREASE!

The 11-point increase in the scaled MBE, plus the 14%-increase in the weighting of the multiple choice, means that the 11% increase is worth more than it would have been in the past.

Now, is this the sole reason for a 6% increase in the Cal Bar pass rate?  Certainly as one of the only 1-on-1 MBE tutors nationwide, I'd love to think so!  However, I suspect there were improvements on the essays and PT as well.  

What about the 2 day exam v. a 3 day exam?  Maybe students were less stressed knowing there was only one more day to go after day 1?  Maybe students were relieved about one less essay and one less PT?  I would imagine that's very hard to measure.  Perhaps it played a role as well.  We shall see as time goes on.

But at least for July 2017, the MBE did play a role, according to the numbers!


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