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Tahnjah Poe, Esq.

This third time around, I studied differently and used a cocktail consisting of: hardcopy and computerized MBEs intermittently to get a different feel; my essay books and WINNIN' TIME! to review subjects and essay outlines (no lectures); the schedule from previous attempts up to Feb 2, 2015, when I began Essay Review Week with The Trigger List; and back to Winnin Time with my memorization plan beginning Feb 9th for 14 days. I listened to the study lectures I still had for PT from your program along with some samples from my books. In addition, this time, I went back and strengthened weak areas of issues or sub-issues.  Of course, I practiced the Evidence and PR Boilerplates, although, thankfully, the race-horse method wasn't needed this time. It still helped on the PT's though.

Due to my injuries and subsequent medical condition, this was the first time I really read, understood and adhered to Essay Review Week which I credit with my passing the Bar.  My MBE's have always been high (different mental processing), but I'd been unable to physically practice writing essays and my essay scores reflected this deficiency.  I was still unable to practice writing but this time, I visually reviewed over 100 essay questions and studied the patterns of over 200 sample answers using the schedule and instructions you provided.  Jeez, did that make a difference!

I've referred more folks to your website for books to aide in their studying.  I'm so thankful to put this chapter behind me that I literally don't know what to do with myself!  Thank you so much for authoring such awesome books-after choosing to follow your instructions, they truly made the difference in my ability to find a way to efficiently study and successfully pass the Bar! -- Tahnjah Poe, Esq., passed the February 2015 California Bar Examination

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