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Rachel Koch, Esq.

It was my second time taking the bar and I had been a world away from any type of studying activities whatsoever.  Failing the first time was quite the humbling experience.  I knew I had to take it again and I knew I had to find someone who knew how to help me reach my goals.
I found Steve by researching through Google.  I read heartfelt and glowing reviews of his method and books and decided to inquire.  After talking with him, I was set. It was the best decision I made with regard to my bar study. 
Not only does Steve have unmatchable experience in teaching all learning types, but he is engaging, encouraging, and has a set strategy that ensured my success. I have recommended him to some of my closest friends and will continue to recommend him to anyone I know taking the California bar exam.   -- Rachel Koch, Esq. (passed the July 2014 Cal Bar Exam)

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