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Performance Test Class starts Saturday!

Steven Harris' 19th season of teaching his Performance Test class starts Saturday, June 8. The class is available live at UC Hastings in San Francisco, and available online via audiofile and attachments.

Four sessions: June 8, June 22, July 6, and July 13. Students will learn a specific, simple method to take PTs, and will be able to turn in four PTs for grading.

During the class, we will address the toughest problems on taking PTs: dramatically reducing reading time on the inventory of the library; the dreaded "how to put it all together" problem; and issue spotting on PTs. We'll cover numerous types of PTs, including the IRAC'd argument, Flood, funky format, repeated issues/options, fact gathering, and respond to the document PTs.

First timers and repeaters alike are encouraged to take the class. Clear introductory lecture, detailed feedback, and identifying problems and solving them. A perfect supplement to your bar course or tutor.

AND... the final two classes address the biggest challenges first timers and repeaters will have on the July exam: how to spot issues better on essays, and a memorization plan!

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