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Diana Palacios, Esq. - The Trigger List

WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List are must haves for any California Bar Exam taker; the ultimate one-two punch. WINNIN' TIME! made it easy for me to memorize many of the tests and standards that I could not memorize by reading the outlines provided by commercial bar courses because it provides short statements of the law. Meanwhile, The Trigger List taught me when to apply each test and standard and which issues were often tested together. I can say with certainty that these two books helped me pass the Bar.

From experience, I know that Steven is fantastic at what he does and cares about all test takers (even those who are not his students). After taking the July Bar Exam, I learned in October that three of my essays did not properly upload and therefore I would receive zeros for those essays. I was fortunate to have been placed in contact with Steven, who helped me appeal the decision. With his help and support, the Bar Committee decided that my answers would be graded.

I recommend Steven's books because he has no other agenda or motive than ensuring that more people pass the California Bar Exam.

Diana Palacios, Esq., University of California, Irvine School of Law Grad, passed the July 2012 Cal Bar Exam, 1st time taker

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