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Performance Test Class starts June 2!

I will be teaching my 17th season of my Performance Test class this summer and it all kicks off Saturday, June 2, at Hastings.

Four Saturdays:  6/2, 6/9, 6/23, and 7/7, UC Hastings, 9 am - 4 pm.  Live class and online course available.

Why do this if you already have a bar class?  More detail, more help, more feedback, small class setting.  I will give you four things your bar class won't:  1) more exposure to the most valuable, point-generating portion of the exam, 2) more feedback on one PT than you'll get in your entire bar class combined, 3) you want free issue-spotting advice on the essays, and 4) you want to learn how to put it all together during crunch time to memorize the material. 

If you've just graduated, congrats!  Sign up and tell your friends about the class.  Discounts available for groups of 5. 

Attorney friends: please tell your friends, or your firm's Attorney Development coordinator about the course!

Repeaters?  I've worked with repeaters for 17 seasons and I will give you perspectives on how to deal with repeating the exam.  Attorney applicants are especially encouraged, as I can translate your perceptions into the reality of this purgatory called the Performance Test.  No, it's not the same document you've drafted 100 times for a judge.  Different task, different audience.

I particularly invite first-time takers to the course.  Many have never seen a PT before or have seen one in a pre-bar class.  Most bar exam courses grade one or two PTs and it's simply not enough.  This is NOT like what you did last summer at a firm.  There are a certain number of issues and the examiners are adept at hiding issues in PTs, unlike what you did at work.  This is a scavenger hunt, not the real world.  And if you really want an edge on the exam this summer, do the math:  PTs are worth two essays, so finding one more issue on a PT generates more points than if you spotted one more issue on an essay… or even up to seven MBE questions. The Calweasel PT Class provides you with simple tools to navigate the scavenger hunt that is the Performance Test on the California Bar Examination. I will provide you with the three building blocks you need to succeed on the PT. First, the theory – an introductory lecture that gives you a clear, realistic roadmap of how to finish and excel on PTs… even if you can’t find the issues by minute 90. Second, the struggle – you take a PT at the end of the first class, triage where you’re strong and where you need help… and receive the most feedback in the industry, all directly from me, not from a mystery grader or a former student. Third, the follow-up – a one-of-a-kind lecture during the second class where we walk through the entire library, identify how to read 1/3 of what you probably read, and keep things simple and generate points.  NONE OF WHICH YOU GET FROM YOUR BAR COURSE.

I will provide my notes from my real-time simulation of the hardest PT from the last exam. I will walk you through the process of the inventory of the Library and show you what I wrote down in my notes and explain why I wrote what I did. Then I will do the same with the File. And then, to answer students’ age-old question about “how to put it all together,” I will show you how to outline the question and identify the 5-7 issues necessary to answer the question.

Don’t have a plan you trust to do generate points on the PTs? Can’t get through the library fast enough? Having problems “putting it all together”?  I have the answers you need.

Oh yeah, one more thing: if you’re having problems putting it all together on the essays, I will provide an extra 30 minutes of instruction on how to improve your issue-spotting on essay exams. And at the last session, I will provide you with a study plan to “put it all together” during crunch time when you need help the most.

17 seasons of experience providing clear, simple answers on the Performance Test. If you are looking to supplement your foundation Bar Review class, or Professor Adachi’s Essay Class, with further help on the Performance Test, the Calweasel Performance Test Class is the place for you.

DISTANCE CLASS: students from Fresno, Sacramento, Chico, Southern California, and East Coasters are particularly encouraged to access the course when it becomes available after each class. I personally grade each PT and will email feedback to you if you aren’t able to attend the live class.

Let's do this! 

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