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A note about Tuesday's Performance Test on the February 2012 Cal Bar Exam

From what I've heard tonight, the PT was about PR, arising out of a partnership gone awry.  If that's the case, then it would seem logical that a partnership/PR crossover question on Thursday would NOT occur.  The Bar can do whatever it wants, of course.  But they don't seem terribly charitable or magnanimous about its testing choices.  Again, from what I heard PR was the subject matter on the PT - that's where the points were.

So does PR on Tuesday's PT mean no PR on Thursday?  Not a given.  In Feb. 2006, PR was tested again on Thursday, as a crossover.  In July 2007, PR wasn't tested on the essays at all, even though PR was the subject matter of PT A on Tuesday.

Bottom line:  don't relax on PR until you see question 6 and see that there's no PR tested.

Good luck to those taking the multiple choice!  For the attorney applicants, sleep well, consider reviewing contracts and remedies in case the prior predictions were wrong, and go get 'em on Thursday!


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