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How 'bout those Cal Bar Exam predictions on Tuesday morning?

Almost like they consulted me before setting the exam! 

3 for 3 in the morning - FABULOUS!

First up was a wills/trusts question - just like I said it would go. 

Second was Con Law 1st Amendment free speech.  The 1st Amendment was implicated in the call of the question.  I prepped my students heavily with an enhanced 1st Amendment free speech plan and it sounds like it was useful there!

Third was Evidence... and WINNIN' TIME!'s legendary Evidence Boilerplate shall set you free!

The PT today will be most interesting.  What to look for?  Is the subject matter of the PT entirely about PR?  If so, then PR may or may not show up Thursday.  HOWEVER, if the PT today is not totally about PR... then PR MUST, MUST, MUST show up on Thursday, either as a crossover question (probably with Business Associations) or a full blown essay, or a PT.  Don't drop PR out of your mind just yet.

As we continue to the afternoon session, I hope that all students find the 5-7 issues in the PT, that you do not encounter dense material to work with, and that you finish!

Good luck!

And needless to say, you laptoppers need to upload your exam once you're done!


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