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3-month Program Information

I will provide the following:

  • A day-to-day calendar with Essay, MBE, and Performance Test assignments
  • My 3 books, WINNIN’ TIME!, The Trigger List, and MBE Primers and Flowcharts
  • Introductory Essay Writing Lecture
  • Introductory PT Writing Lecture
  • 3-month Enhanced MBE Program:  Six additional hours of lecture with the Enhanced MBE program, to help you learn how the NCBE uses exam tricks and how to address them.  Assign MBE questions every day for months to use the “down time” to help you ramp up to take the MBE and shore up black letter law deficiencies.  Use context to help identify all the possible ways that specific areas are tested to improve the MBE score.  In addition, begin a long-term black letter reading program on the two biggest substantive law areas of the MBE to lay a stronger foundation for the MBE score; and
  • 3-month Enhanced PT Program:  six additional PTs to help you maximize your score on the Performance Test.
  • Grading of 15 essays, 4 PTs, and a simulated exam (3 essays and a PT), with a guarantee of minimum 200-300 words of feedback per exam, and frequently up to 1500-2000 words per exam
  • Examples of how to outline each question that I grade
  • Examples of how I would write the all-important application for each question that I grade
  • Weekly one-on-one meetings, one hour per session, focusing on your specific needs, including assigned essays for you to outline instead of turning in
  • Follow-up lecture on how to read the Library most efficiently during the inventory of the Library stage.  This will cut down your reading time by 1/3 and is the only such lecture in the Bar Review industry
  • Follow-up lectures walking you through my notes on the first 90 minutes of the PT assignments to help you learn how to inventory the Library and File correctly, but also learning how to directly “put it all together,” the lectures for which are unheard of in the Bar Review industry
  • Learning how to do a 60-minute “strip down a PT” exercise to help him improve issue-spotting in PTs, the only such exercise in the Bar Review industry
  • Essay review lecture
  • Essay Review Week
  • Memory work lecture
  • 11-day memorization program

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