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  • Kerianne Steele, Esq.

    "The Essay Review Week was revolutionary. It conditioned
    me to be like Pavlov's dog -- spotting issues and
    generating points became a reflex action." – Kerianne
    Steele, Esq.

  • Nerisha Soodeehul, Esq.

    “The Evidence Boilerplate made the difference between being a
    5th time repeater and a practicing attorney!" – Nerisha Soodeehul,

  • Kerianne Steele, Esq.

    "WINNIN’ TIME! contains essential information in a format
    that is easy to memorize. During the exam, I could recall so
    much law that I imagined a bell ringing each time I
    generated points." – Kerianne Steele, Esq.

  • Rachel Gezerseh, Esq.

    “WINNIN’ TIME! is, hands down, the best bar study resource
    available! Because of Steven's outlines I was prepared and
    confident when I took the July ’07 exam.” - Rachel Gezerseh, Esq.

  • Theresa Anne Stein, Esq.

    "I absolutely owe my having passed the bar to Steve Harris
    and his program. Without a doubt, his study program
    works, but that’s only the half of it. His positive attitude
    and his confidence in his program are what really carried
    me through even when I had no confidence in myself.

  • Spencer Short, Esq.

    "Simple and direct is the path to passing the bar!

  • Katherine

    "I highly recommend Steven for anyone who 'learns by
    doing,' thrives on personalized feedback, and doesn’t learn
    well in large group environments. I suffered through
    lectures, and spent countless hours making mountains of
    flash cards, but I was ill-prepared for the July exam; as a
    result, I passed one performance test—and nothing else.

  • Sebastien Raoux, Ph.D., Esq.

    "Steven gave me the best advice I heard regarding the bar exam:
    'Don’t be creative!'

  • Jennifer

    "I didn't know what I didn't know until I met Professor
    Harris. Steven showed me that it wasn't about the law I
    knew, but instead it was all about how I put that law down
    on paper. The graders want to see something specific and
    Steven showed me exactly what that was. I took his 4-month
    course, during which he graded numerous essays and
    performance tests and gave me specific individualized
    feedback on every one. It didn't take long for me to
    incorporate that feedback and start turning failing answers


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