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  • Important Dates



    mid-May:  Graduate! 

    mid-June:  get your final grades!  Make sure you don't have any incompletes or didn't fail a class:  eligibility is cool!  Speaking of which...

    End of June:  your law school better certify that you actually graduated and are eligible to take the bar exam.  Otherwise all your hard work isn't going to matter since they won't let you in!  This is the school's deadline to certify to the Bar that you're eligible.

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  • MBE (multiple choice) takers: how well should I be doing right now?


    So, uh, how's that PMBR 6-day class going, first-timers?  Are you averaging 30% correct thus far and wondering how you ever got through law school?  Graduation doesn't seem too helpful now, does it?

    Fear not, bar takers.  It's NORMAL.  During the 6-day PMBR class or 6-day Bar/Bri MBE class, averaging 30-40% is NORMAL.  Happens all the time.  Some good benchmarks to consider:

    6-day PMBR or Bar/Bri class:  30-40% correct on the MBE

    Bar/Bri simulated exam (usually in late June, sometimes in July):  52-53% RAW SCORE.

    Bar Exam:  63-65%.

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  • Congratulations to all of my students who passed the February Bar!


    There were some phenomenal stories that came out on Friday night when students called and said they passed the bar exam.  Some had only a few points to gain, while others surmounted 130+ point deficits and more.  Some students who failed reported increases of 180 points and, amazingly, 20+ raw score improvements on the MBE!

    Congrats again to all that overcame this important hurdle in their lives.  You are inspirations to us all!

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  • Lia Juhl, Esq.

    I realized that I never dropped you a line to let you know that I passed
    the July 2009 Bar Exam. I know you are probably swamped with
    retakers for Feb bar, so I will (try to) keep this short. I just wanted to
    send you a heartfelt thanks for all your help, your awesome book and
    your positive attitude. Before I attended your seminar at Cal Northern
    prior to starting to study, I was convinced that I was not going to be
    able to pass since I had just given birth in February. Your attitude

  • Ariel Guggenheim, Esq.

    I was referred to Steven by my sister who had enlisted Steven as a tutor and had passed the Bar on her first try. She was adamant that Steven’s individualized calendar of assignments had kept her on track during the summer when she was not only studying for the Bar but also planning her wedding. Furthermore, she was convinced that Steven’s well-planned week of systematic memorization before the Bar had been crucial to her success in passing the Bar when her computer crashed during the test and she was forced to write her answers by hand.

  • Jordan Koplowicz, Esq.

    I couldn't have passed the bar without Steve. I know this because I failed three times before I met him, and then my wife had our first child (a month early) while I was studying. Steve managed to schedule in some time off so I could be with my wife and new son, and I still passed. Steve gives you two things that traditional bar courses do not:

    (a) Steve tells you HOW to write essays and performance tests. It's not enough to know the law; there are secret rules that the traditional bar course don't tell you, but Steve does.

  • Jon Lucchese, Esq.

    Hi Steven,

    Well, thanks to you and your PT class last summer, I passed the July 07 bar and now work for this small international business law firm in Lafayette. I am doing exactly what I set out in law school to do--before the Bar got in the way, twice. I guess the third time's the charm!

  • Mark Vanni, Esq.

    From a LinkedIn Recommendation:

    Details of the Recommendation: "Steven was a great bar tutor. He provided wonderful feedback in grading practice tests and added the extra bit of attention I needed to insure that I passed the bar on the first try. I highly recommend his services."
    Service Category: Bar Tutor
    Year first hired: 2009
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

  • Chris

    Learning the law is not the only necessary condition for
    passing the Bar. Recognizing and internalizing the testing and
    grading format is equally important. Steven teaches both
    masterfully. He doesn't just tell you what you need to know;
    Steven also teaches you a system that maximizes your ability to
    organize and write passing essays and performance tests
    under the stress and time constraints of the Exam. Essentially,
    Steven hands you a parachute and survival kit that can make

  • Maggie Buchan, Esq.

    I began to utilize Winnin' Time one year into my law school experience,
    after meeting Mr. Harris at a school-sponsored writing workshop. I
    believe I received the highest grades in both my Evidence & Criminal
    Procedure courses because I employed the "boilerplates" for each
    respective subject found in Winnin' Time. Needless to mention, I used
    those same boilerplates on the July 2009 administration of the
    California Bar Exam, which I successfully passed. I believe Winnin'
    Time! is one of the best resources in which a law student can invest

  • Norah Lamond, Esq.

    "Thanks Steven for your coaching . I have recommended you
    to several of my friends repeating the California Bar exam.
    Only those of us who have taken this bad boy numerous times
    really get the flavor of the bar exam. And what a bitter pill it is
    to swallow. Nauseating. But you helped me to have fortitude
    and perseverance. IT was fantastic to be sworn in tonight.

  • Tyler Shewey, Esq.

    "The California bar exam is a strange animal--for some people,
    everything clicks the first time; for others it takes more effort. In his
    books, Winnin' Time and Trigger List, Steve has reviewed what has
    been actually tested and credited in previous California bar exams,
    and has written a blueprint for successful memorization. As a tutor,
    Steve is responsive, patient, thorough and knowledgeable; every
    aspect of his program is geared toward hitting the issues, and only the
    issues, that generate points. While there are no certainties on the

  • Babach Lau - The Trigger List

    If the Bar Exam was a hidden code, The Trigger List is the code
    breaker. After using this book, my issue-spotting skills
    improved tenfold. The skills I learned from this book helped
    me pass both the California Bar Exam and Washington State
    Bar Exam! - Babach Lau, Esq., passed July 2008 Cal Bar AND
    Washington Bar Exams!

  • Babach Lau - WINNIN' TIME!

    Studying for the Bar Exam can be overwhelming. WINNIN’ TIME was
    a lifesaver for me. The book helped me stay focused on the
    essentials and was pivotal in helping me pass the California Bar
    Exam! - Babach Lau, Esq., passed July 2008 Cal Bar AND
    Washington Bar Exams!

  • Babach Lau

    Steven Harris’ tutoring program demystifies the Bar Exam and
    gives you all the essential tools to pass. He lays out a very
    specific road map to follow, and if you put in the effort and
    apply the many tools he offers in his Program, you will pass! In
    one summer, I actually took both the California Bar Exam and
    the Washington State Bar Exam. It was because of Steven
    Harris’s Tutoring Program that I was able to successfully pass
    both Bar Exams! - Babach Lau, Esq., passed July 2008 Cal Bar
    AND Washington Bar exams!

  • Rob W. Lawton, Esq.

    "I have no doubt that Steve Harris' program is the reason I
    passed the California Bar Exam.

    The large, national bar preparation programs were only of
    limited usefulness to me. Generally speaking, I found the
    hours-long lectures, even by nationally-acclaimed law
    professors, to be mind-numbing and unhelpful.

  • Tony Ross, Esq.

    "I recommend Steven Harris and his tutoring program to anyone
    considering getting a bar exam tutor. I graduated from an out of
    state law school over 10 years ago but never took the bar exam. I
    took the California bar for the first time and didn't pass. I was
    skeptical about paying for another bar review course (I took Bar-
    Bri), but I knew I wouldn't pass if I took the same course again.

  • Myles Montgomery

    "On the final minute of the last day of the July 2010 California
    Bar, I slammed down my pencil and thought, "Now that's how
    you take a Bar exam!" No doubt I would not have been able
    to have that experience without Steve's help. The Point
    Generator System works! As a repeat taker, I had plenty of
    experience in what does not work. For the first time, I had
    road map for how to attack anything the Bar examiners
    wanted to throw at me. During the exam, I even smiled when
    I recognized the traps that I used to fall for. Steve's system

  • Dayna Garibay

    Steve is the reason I passed the July 2010 Bar Exam. I graduated from an ABA school but knew I needed extra help if I wanted to pass the bar. The popular bar study programs did not offer the structure I needed. Steve's structure made it so I didn't have to wonder what to do with my time. It was a demanding summer but thanks to Steve I never have to do it again." - Dayna Garibay, Esq., passed the July 2010 Cal Bar

  • Hello World


    This is a first post from Steve's brand new website. Steve hopes this new site will allow him to reach out to law students and bar students in a whole new way. If you're a fan of social media, don't forget to follow CalWeasel on Twitter and Facebook!

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  • Spencer Short, Esq.

    "I would encourage both law students as well as Bar
    Examinees to purchase Winnin' Time! because it provides
    the black letter law that is needed to do well in both law
    school and on the Bar Exam. Clear and concise rule
    statements are the key to writing a winning answer on the
    Bar and the Calweasel Point Generator System helped me
    do that. My only regret is not having found this system
    earlier!" - Spencer Short, Esq. (Mayor of Lincoln, CA),
    passed the February 2009 Cal Bar Exam

  • Joshua Lebovits

    "I thought you would find it interesting to hear that on my last day
    at my small firm internship, after turning in my last memo, my
    supervising attorney sent me an email saying that my legal writing
    skills were 'probably among the best I have seen in several years
    of having interns at our office.' I laughed because all I did was
    stick to the 'requires because' formula, and on multiple occasions
    looked back at my third memo to make sure I wasn't deviating too
    much from the format you taught us. Those principles work


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