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WELCOME to the top 1-on-1 tutoring program for the California Bar Examination!  Let's generate some points!

Are you a:

* First-time Bar Taker?
* Repeater?
* Law firm associate?
* Law firm partner?
* Foreign attorney?
* Student with a learning disability?
* Law student in the bottom 1/2 of the class?  Bottom 1/4?  On probation?
* Law student taking the Baby Bar?
* Someone who hasn't taken a bar exam in 2 years?  5 years?  10 years?  20 years?
* Student who has 10 points to go to pass the Bar?  50?  100?  200?  300?

If you fall into any of these categories, FANTASTIC!  I've helped someone like you pass the Cal Bar or the Baby Bar Exam!

How can I help you generate points and pass the Cal Bar Exam?  Click on the following pages and find out!


  • Kerianne Steele, Esq.

    "The Essay Review Week was revolutionary. It conditioned
    me to be like Pavlov's dog -- spotting issues and
    generating points became a reflex action." – Kerianne
    Steele, Esq.

  • Nerisha Soodeehul, Esq.

    “The Evidence Boilerplate made the difference between being a
    5th time repeater and a practicing attorney!" – Nerisha Soodeehul,

  • Kerianne Steele, Esq.

    "WINNIN’ TIME! contains essential information in a format
    that is easy to memorize. During the exam, I could recall so
    much law that I imagined a bell ringing each time I
    generated points." – Kerianne Steele, Esq.


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