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ExamSoft refunds money to July 2014 Bar Applicants


Per the New York Law Journal

Aspiring lawyers who sat for the July 2014 bar examination are eligible for $90 each from software company ExamSoft Worldwide Inc. under a class action settlement.

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Enrico "Rick" Callender, Esq. - WINNIN' TIME!

I used the WINNIN' TIME! approach and it was immensely helpful in my passing the California Bar Exam.  The outlines in WINNIN' TIME!, the approach to issue spotting, and writing for tough questions like evidence and professional responsibility really paid off during law school and the Bar Exam.

Daniel Felix, Esq. - WINNIN' TIME! and The Trigger List

I can say with the utmost confidence that I would not have passed the bar without WINNIN' TIME! or The Trigger List during my bar prep. I'm not one to give up and either is Steve.  From the moment you pick up WINNIN' TIME! you realize the Bar is not an insurmountable task rather its a test that requires you to score points.  Before WINNIN' TIME! I was not getting the points because I was not playing the game right.  Steve helped change that for me.

Denise P., Esq. - The Trigger List

In a nutshell, Steven truly provides the most COMPREHENSIVE, yet surprisingly methodical and easy to follow, study approaches for mastering performance tests and essays.  I am so happy that I picked up The Trigger List (an essential for issue spotting).  It is how I came to discover that Steven offered personal tutoring.  THANK YOU, Steven, it is because of your intensive feedback and easy-to-follow strategies that I received a passing score on the California Bar Exam!   -Denise P., Esq., passed the July 2014 California Bar Examination

Denise P., Esq. - WINNIN' TIME!

Steven Harris'  WINNIN' TIME! study aid includes everything you need to pass the essays.  It includes a comprehensive list of concise rules for every subject tested, which can easily be memorized, as well as critical information and strategies for how to approach any type of essay.  If you weren't a "natural" at taking law school essay exams, I believe Steven's essay approach is essential for passing the CA Bar Exam.  Steven knows what the California Bar Examiners want to see in a passing answer. -- Denise P., Esq, passed the July 2014 California Bar Examination

Denise P., Esq

I found that attending Steven Harris's Performance Test class and applying the specific techniques from his Guide to Performance Tests on the California Bar Exam were both essential to passing the California Bar Exam.  During the exam I was able to complete both performance tests to my satisfaction, spell check them, and still had time to spare on both. I never could have done that prior to taking Steven's PT class and applying the techniques in his Guide. -- Denise P., Esq., passed the July 2014 Cal Bar Exam




Applicants who did NOT take the July 2014 Cal Bar Exam

Applications available - October 1, 2014
Timely Filing Deadline - November 3, 2014
Final Filing Deadline - January 15, 2015

Applicants who took the July 2014 Cal Bar Exam

Timely Filing Deadline 12/8/14

$50 late filing fee:  12/9/14 – 1/2/15

$250 late filing fee:   1/3/15 – 1/15/15


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