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Katherine Teo-Gillette, Esq.

I passed on my second attempt thanks to Steven Harris’s program.  I am a foreign attorney dually qualified in England and Singapore and Steven's methods helped me focus on exactly what I needed to do to pass the California Bar Examination.  I also worked full-time up until 2 weeks before the exam.

Low Pass Rate for the July 2015 California Bar Examination


A note of context for those who were unsuccessful on the July 2015 Cal Bar Exam:

You are not alone.

The pass rate for the July 2015 Cal Bar Exam was 46.6% as noted from the Cal Bar's press release.  The last time the overall pass rate was this low was in 1986, when the exam wasn't even called the July 1986 exam.  It was called the "Fall 1986" exam, and the pass rate was 44.4%. 

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California Bar Examination Results - July 2015 - 46.6% overall


From the Cal Bar's press release:

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20, 2015 6 p.m. – The State Bar of California's Committee of Bar Examiners reported today that 46.6 percent of the applicants passed the July 2015 General Bar Examination (GBX). If the 3,882 people who passed the July 2015 exam satisfy other requirements for admission, they will become members of the State Bar.

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Hope you receive good news tonight!


The wait is over!  Very soon the results will be posted for the July 2015 Cal Bar Exam.

If you took the exam, I hope that you get good news tonight!

If you receive good news tonight, congratulations on a job well done!  Celebrate responsibly and have a great time!  No felonies, please.  And please be safe.  What's the point of passing the Cal Bar if you can't be around to get sworn in and get your ticket! 

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Cal Bar Exam changes for July 2017 - you can care now


Hello everyone!

I last wrote that Cal Bar was going to change the exam in July 2017 and that applicants should not care about it.  At the time, that advice was correct since inexplicably the Bar voted to make the change on the day before the July 2015 Cal Bar Exam.

Now that the exam has come and went, we can consider the impact of the changes to the exam.  So... what's changing?

Currently, the Cal Bar has the following components:

Tuesday:  3 1-hour essays in the morning, and one 3-hour PT in the afternoon

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Cal Bar Exam changes for July 2017 - you don't care


Hello July 2015 Cal Bar Exam takers!

Good luck to you on your exam, which starts tomorrow!

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Northwestern Law School Alum, Esq.

Steven was instrumental in helping me pass the CA bar exam.  I had taken the exam once prior, and was amazed to see how poor my score was, particularly in the essay and PT sections.  Fortunately, this was Steven's area of expertise.  He laid out a format and study plan that simplified the essay writing process and gave me great confidence on those days of the exam.  After practicing (a lot of practice) with Steven's essay writing tips, and getting his in depth feedback on practice essays, the process became mechanical by test date, saving me valuable time on the exam.  Moreover, Steven was

Tahnjah Poe, Esq.

This third time around, I studied differently and used a cocktail consisting of: hardcopy and computerized MBEs intermittently to get a different feel; my essay books and WINNIN' TIME! to review subjects and essay outlines (no lectures); the schedule from previous attempts up to Feb 2, 2015, when I began Essay Review Week with The Trigger List; and back to Winnin Time with my memorization plan beginning Feb 9th for 14 days. I listened to the study lectures I still had for PT from your program along with some samples from my books.


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