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Cal Bar Cut Score Study - report on July 31 Cal Bar Meeting


Quick edit:  


Just found Lyle Moran's (Daily Journal) statement about the two options to be considered for public comment between now and August 25:

1. no change at all - cut score remains 1440.

2. change cut score to 1414 for July 2017 ONLY and revisit cut score discussion after July 2017 results are released.


Some thoughts:

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July 31 Cal Bar Meeting - Important?


Hello everyone!

To the July 2017 Cal Bar applicant pool, I hope your exam went well and for the laptoppers, I hope you uploaded in a timely fashion!

To all interested parties, I note that there will be a joint meeting on Monday, 11-4 pm, between the Admissions and Education Committee and the Committee of Bar Examiners.

In the open session, there's only one item:

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All that said...


Note the Supreme Court's admonition of the effective date, though:

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California Bar Examination - Cal Bar Loses Authority to Determine Cut Score!


Hello everyone!

Good luck to the July 2017 Cal Bar Applicants!  

Big bombshell today.  As reported on


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Sample answers for February 2017 Cal Bar Exam AVAILABLE


Hello everyone!

The sample answers for the Essays and PTs for the February 2017 California Bar Examination were posted today, June 22.

You can find them here:

If you wish, you can take a moment and mark the end of the 3-day exam, Essay 6, and PT B.

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Army First Lieutenant passes the California Bar Examination

Greetings Mr Harris, 

I am ecstatic to report passing results on the Feb 2017 CA Bar Exam. Thank you for your dedication to this program and calling. I risked a lifetime of struggle to reach my military career goals by retaking the CA exam- and I could not be more grateful you made the time to include me as a student and prepare me. 

If you have a PO Box I'd very much like to send you a thank you card. 

Big Law associate, Esq., passed February 2017

Steven really knows the bar exam inside and out and has tons of tips and tricks that the large bar courses don't offer. His materials are on point and he really boils it down to the important stuff to help you focus on point generation. His one-on-one tutoring was personalized and tailored to me unlike the large bar courses' one-size fits all model and access to his knowledge helped answer many of the unknowns and questions I had about the bar.

Shar Giridharadas, Esq., passed February 2017

I just passed the February 2017 CA Bar Exam on my second attempt following an attempt in July 2016.  I know that I would not have been able to pass without participating in Steven Harris’ tutoring program; it was instrumental in helping me to achieve a passing score for many reasons. 

Alexandra Wilson, Esq. - passed February 2017!

Steven came highly recommended to me by a friend who hired him on her third (and successful) attempt at the bar exam.  I hired him for my second attempt, and passed! I chose his "a la carte" program which provided me with tools I believe were essential in passing the exam.


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