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MBE (multiple choice) takers: how well should I be doing right now?


So, uh, how's that PMBR 6-day class going, first-timers?  Are you averaging 30% correct thus far and wondering how you ever got through law school?  Graduation doesn't seem too helpful now, does it?

Fear not, bar takers.  It's NORMAL.  During the 6-day PMBR class or 6-day Bar/Bri MBE class, averaging 30-40% is NORMAL.  Happens all the time.  Some good benchmarks to consider:

6-day PMBR or Bar/Bri class:  30-40% correct on the MBE

Bar/Bri simulated exam (usually in late June, sometimes in July):  52-53% RAW SCORE.

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Justin Zahrt, Esq.

The first time I met with Steven, I explained to him that I was a husband and father of three young children.  We discussed my schedule and Steven created a realistic and very complete study schedule, that took into account my own personal strengths and weaknesses.  I must say, going into that first meeting I had no idea what my strengths and weakness even were, but Steven zeroed in on them incredibly quickly.  After that first meeting, I knew that Steven had the keys to passing the Bar Exam.  All I had to do was learn what Steven had to teach, and follow his methods as if they were the onl

Congratulations to all of my students who passed the February Bar!


There were some phenomenal stories that came out on Friday night when students called and said they passed the bar exam.  Some had only a few points to gain, while others surmounted 130+ point deficits and more.  Some students who failed reported increases of 180 points and, amazingly, 20+ raw score improvements on the MBE!

Congrats again to all that overcame this important hurdle in their lives.  You are inspirations to us all!

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Ariel Guggenheim, Esq.

I was referred to Steven by my sister who had enlisted Steven as a tutor and had passed the Bar on her first try. She was adamant that Steven’s individualized calendar of assignments had kept her on track during the summer when she was not only studying for the Bar but also planning her wedding. Furthermore, she was convinced that Steven’s well-planned week of systematic memorization before the Bar had been crucial to her success in passing the Bar when her computer crashed during the test and she was forced to write her answers by hand.

Jordan Koplowicz, Esq.

I couldn't have passed the bar without Steve. I know this because I failed three times before I met him, and then my wife had our first child (a month early) while I was studying. Steve managed to schedule in some time off so I could be with my wife and new son, and I still passed. Steve gives you two things that traditional bar courses do not:

(a) Steve tells you HOW to write essays and performance tests. It's not enough to know the law; there are secret rules that the traditional bar course don't tell you, but Steve does.

Jon Lucchese, Esq.

Hi Steven,

Well, thanks to you and your PT class last summer, I passed the July 07 bar and now work for this small international business law firm in Lafayette. I am doing exactly what I set out in law school to do--before the Bar got in the way, twice. I guess the third time's the charm!

Rabeha Kamaluddin, Esq.

Hi Steve!

I'm doing well - I work in DC now as an associate at Fulbright & Jaworski.

You were the best bar teacher ever!!!!!!!

I've recommended you to a ton of people studying for the Cal Bar.

Mark Vanni, Esq.

From a LinkedIn Recommendation:

Details of the Recommendation: "Steven was a great bar tutor. He provided wonderful feedback in grading practice tests and added the extra bit of attention I needed to insure that I passed the bar on the first try. I highly recommend his services."
Service Category: Bar Tutor
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


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