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JVF, Esq.

"When I first contacted Steven Harris I had just recently found out I
did not pass the July 2009 bar, it was a stressful time to say the
least. During the course of our conversation I told Steve of my
woeful essay and performance test scores. Steve assured me that
he could help. Then I told Steve that my wife was pregnant and that
my daughter was due to be born the week before the February
2010 Bar, bad timing, yet Steve reassured me that he could help
me so long as I followed a personalized plan he would craft for me.

Myles Montgomery

"On the final minute of the last day of the July 2010 California
Bar, I slammed down my pencil and thought, "Now that's how
you take a Bar exam!" No doubt I would not have been able
to have that experience without Steve's help. The Point
Generator System works! As a repeat taker, I had plenty of
experience in what does not work. For the first time, I had
road map for how to attack anything the Bar examiners
wanted to throw at me. During the exam, I even smiled when
I recognized the traps that I used to fall for. Steve's system

Dayna Garibay

Steve is the reason I passed the July 2010 Bar Exam. I graduated from an ABA school but knew I needed extra help if I wanted to pass the bar. The popular bar study programs did not offer the structure I needed. Steve's structure made it so I didn't have to wonder what to do with my time. It was a demanding summer but thanks to Steve I never have to do it again." - Dayna Garibay, Esq., passed the July 2010 Cal Bar

Hello World


This is a first post from Steve's brand new website. Steve hopes this new site will allow him to reach out to law students and bar students in a whole new way. If you're a fan of social media, don't forget to follow CalWeasel on Twitter and Facebook!

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Spencer Short, Esq.

"I would encourage both law students as well as Bar
Examinees to purchase Winnin' Time! because it provides
the black letter law that is needed to do well in both law
school and on the Bar Exam. Clear and concise rule
statements are the key to writing a winning answer on the
Bar and the Calweasel Point Generator System helped me
do that. My only regret is not having found this system
earlier!" - Spencer Short, Esq. (Mayor of Lincoln, CA),
passed the February 2009 Cal Bar Exam

Joshua Lebovits

"I thought you would find it interesting to hear that on my last day
at my small firm internship, after turning in my last memo, my
supervising attorney sent me an email saying that my legal writing
skills were 'probably among the best I have seen in several years
of having interns at our office.' I laughed because all I did was
stick to the 'requires because' formula, and on multiple occasions
looked back at my third memo to make sure I wasn't deviating too
much from the format you taught us. Those principles work

Sophia Meyer

"Winnin Time!, the “White Knight” of study aids.

Just like any student in an evening law school program,
who works full time, goes to school 3 nights a week and
attempts to lead a normal life (ha, ha), I found 1L a bit
challenging. I was lost in the woods, I couldn’t see my way
through to clear concise rule statements, and was having
trouble organizing my essays. I was doing okay in my
classes. However I wanted that extra edge. You know, the
one that would launch me to the top, or near the top, of my

Mike Odoca, Esq.

"Hi Prof. Harris, I took your Pre-bar course at the University
of San Francisco and I know that your outline book [WINNIN'
TIME!] was what enabled me to pass the bar exam the first
time. I used the outline book for every single practice
essay I wrote and the outlines also served as my primary
source for memorization. Not one single flash card for me
because of your books! I'd gladly recommend your books
to anyone who takes the California bar." - Mike Odoca, Esq.

Alan Khalfin, Esq.

"Steve was instrumental in my success on the California Bar
Examination! His method proved to be an excellent strategy for
making the material digestible and for giving the bar examiners
exactly what they want to see. Through his two books and various
handouts, he boils down the information needed to a manageable
amount and teaches you how to spot issues and earn points.
Steve's method is a powerful tool that I'm glad I learned!" - Alan
Khalfin, Esq.

Chandra Nelson-Robak, Esq.

“The one true road map to effortless success on the Bar
exam! Follow this path and generate all the points you will
need.” Chandra Nelson-Robak, Esq.


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